2018's Kick-off was awesome! Seven of our team members and three of our mentors were able to go to a group kick-off this year! It was so cool! We got to see the kick-off live, received out kit of parts, and inspected some elements of the field. Afterwards, we went to a Q&A and then … Continue reading KICK-OFF WAS AMAZING


Kick-off is Coming!!!!

This Saturday, January 6th, is the kick-off for 2018's robotics competition! We're all super pumped and looking forward to it! Especially since we have some new members this year! Look forward to more updates!

Our 2017 Year

Our 2017 Rookie Year was a blast! Here are some of the things that we've learned, and the moments we'll never forget. Stone Van Slooten—Our rookie year of Robotics has been full of experiences that we can take lessons from in years to come. Starting late in the build season, combined with a small team … Continue reading Our 2017 Year

Bagged and Tagged

Yesterday we repaired a few things on the robot and refined our gear mechanism. Then the robot was bagged, sealed, and signed all before 7:00pm. By golly, we did it! We will take a week to refocus (and catch up on homework), then it's back to work. We have a lot to do still!

Week Zero Event!

Yesterday we went to the Week Zero event hosted by FRC Team 2502, Talon Robotics! There were over 20 teams there and so many spectators! The practice we had with our robot in a competition setting was invaluable. The robot performed as expected, with no major problems. Our programmers, Spencer, Parker, and Brady, worked out … Continue reading Week Zero Event!

If you find a sponsor…

Our team doesn't have a lot of funds, so when we ask for something not immediately needed, such as a magnetic screwdriver or drill press, sawzaw, table vice, any building materials, a laptop, Kat replies with, "If you find us a sponsor, I'll buy you a ___". -Kat Hammer, 2017 ..........We're never going to get anything.  -_-