Team Mission Statement

Our team inspires to further the growth of our members by creating an atmosphere of engaged learning in science and technology, as well as by challenging ideas in order to develop critical thinking and effective communication skills.

Team History

2017 was our first year as an First Robotics Competition (FRC) team. In past years, our students would participate in FRC as members of Team 2705, WE Robot, a team with a neighboring school. However, when Team 2705 decided not to compete in the 2017 season, a small handful of our students decided it was time to start a team of their own. They instantly went to the principal of Eagle Ridge Academy asking to start a team. The school was and remains quite supportive, and the program quickly took off. We currently have 18 team members, whose diligence and hard work is currently building our team from the ground up.


We are currently in our second year as a robotics team. Last year we were able to finished ranked 22 out of 60 at the Minnesota North Star Competition and even got into the finals thanks to our mentors’ and students’ dedication. We also made it into the state championships where we placed a solid 22 out of the entire state at the MSHSL FIRST State Robotics Championship! This year we hope to go beyond that and make it into World Championships.