Our 2017 Rookie Year was a blast! Here are some of the things that we’ve learned, and the moments we’ll never forget.

Stone Van SlootenOur rookie year of Robotics has been full of experiences that we can take lessons from in years to come. Starting late in the build season, combined with a small team of mostly rookies, left us with an uphill battle. Although we could have put in minimal effort and use the fact that we are rookie team as an excuse, we chose to put in extra work and see how far we could go. As part of a very small engineering team, I placed a lot of pressure on myself to be an integral part of the team, helping to create and edit ideas and fixes to problems wherever I could. This collective effort paid off tremendously, as we did very well in our regional competition, and even got to compete in the state championship. My personal favorite memory from this season of Robotics was during the state competition, when we beat the number team by one point. Personally, I’ve learned countless ways to fix engineering problems, but more importantly, our team as a whole learned how to work as a coordinated machine, with everyone contributing their own personal skills to the whole.


Izabella ZirbesI was in charge of design for the team logo and T-shirt. I, with input from the team, created IOT (for Internet of Things), the alien mascot of tERAbytes. The defining moment of my robotic s experience was seeing he T-shirts with my design come out of their box. I loved seeing my team sport the shirts at the state competition, as well as the robot’s 3-D-printed cover.


Maya OlsenI learned how to create and manage a website, specifically our team website. This will come in handy when creating my own business website. I also scouted every team at both competitions. It was fun talking to all the different teams. It was nice to see a sense of community within each team and between each one. I also learned that I have to be willing to take the initiative when no one else is.


Jett Hutton-LauI helped build the gear mechanism, and learned about Solidworks. L learned more about robotics competitions and how each robot achieves their desired goals. My favorite memory is seeing every robot come back in every competition, with the scores changing every moment.


Izaiah ZirbesI helped with building the robot, and especially the gear mechanism for the robot. The payoff was when the mechanism started working consistently. My favorite memory was when the climber first made the robot reach the touch pad.


Carter OlsenI was in charge of the electronics for our robot. They called upon me if there was any electrical or wiring issues. My favorite memory from Robotics is when we first started up the robot and it worked.


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